Are you ready to

Simplify your home?

It’s Time.

You’re Ready to Simplify.


You’re not sure where to start.

You’re overwhelmed and exhausted.

You’re tired of looking at areas where clutter has piled up.

You’re frustrated because you don’t have any systems in place.

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A course created to help other women simplify their home so they don't have to feel the extra weight that a cluttered space creates.

Hi I’m Jillian!
Over the last five years, I’ve been removing the unnecessary clutter from our home and helping to inspire others to do the same.

I remember looking around my home feeling overwhelmed by all the kid’s toys, a basement full of hand-me-down furniture we didn’t use, and a closet full of clothes I never wore.

Is this where you’re at?

Are you ready to start looking at your home with a fresh set of eyes?

Do you want to be intentional about the new things you bring into your home?

Are you ready to remove the clutter to make room for what really matters?

If you’re like me,

You probably want a step-by-step practical process with real-time support to help you create the calm and relaxing home you’ve always dreamed of but don’t know where to start.



Here's how it works

What to Expect?

Here’s the Breakdown

Week 1 - Clothing

You'll create much needed breathing room in your closet

Week 2 - Kitchen

Tackle the most used room in the home

Week 3 - Common Living Spaces

All those areas that the whole family uses and need to be clutter free

Week 4 - Storage

(AKA Hidden Clutter)
We'll address what is lurking behind closed doors and drawers

Week 5 - Clutter-free habits

Create systems to put an end to clutter once and for all

Join now and start simplifying your home!

This course will give you the information and motivation you need to wow your family and friends with a de-cluttered home, but more importantly it will contribute to a greater sense of calm in your personal life as you clear the clutter and make space for the things that really matter.

Pay-in-full Option


3-Month Payment Option


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Let’s put this into perspective…

The fee for this course is equivalent to:

2 hours with a professional organizer in your home


3 hours of an in-home cleaning service

(take this course and trust me, you will be motivated to keep things clean all the time!)


The cost of A fancy coffee/day for the length of this course

When you look at it that way, you’re learning strategies to look at your house through a different lens, to get ready to combat your habits (and help your family out too)!

Sorry, you missed it...

Signup for Simplistic Home is now closed.

But it's not all bad news, we will be offering the course again in the near future.