Clearing the Mental Clutter

Today I want to talk about clearing the Mental Clutter we have at the end of each day.

Clearing the Mental Clutter

We all lead busy lives. We have responsibilities with our families, our friends, at work, and within our community. This can cause our minds to be racing over our various to-do lists by the end of the day. It can be tough to quiet our minds before going to bed each night. I want to offer one suggestion as to how we can clear some of the mental clutter we may have taking up space in our head.

Some Lines a Day – The 5 Year Memory Book

Five months ago, I started a daily habit of writing in a journal before going to bed each night. Now when you think of journaling, you might automatically imagine a time consuming task of having to fill entire pages with your thoughts. However, its been quite the opposite. I’ve been using an amazing book called SOME LINES A DAY -The five year memory book by Leuchtturm 1917. It’s exactly how it sounds. You literally write up to a few lines each day and it holds five year’s worth of entries. I absolutely love it!

The 5 Year Memory Book – Ways to use it

Benefits of this Daily Practice

I find it therapeutic to take a few minutes each night to reflect back on my day. It’s caused me to pay more attention to the little things that happen and help me to appreciate those moments and make note of them. I feel more appreciative and grateful for each day and the people in my life. I think this daily practice has made me a more happier person because I am taking the time to stop and think back about all the good things that happen each day and go to sleep feeling thankful. Since the space you’re given to write in each day is only big enough for a few sentences, it makes the daily task of writing in it a realistic habit to form and one that I’ve easily continued for several months now.

Can’t Wait For Next Year!

Since this is a 5-year book, I love knowing that after you’ve written in it for a year, there will always be a day to look back upon and reminisce about what you were doing the year prior. I’m about a half year away from that point, but I’m really looking forward to it as kind of a reward for sticking to the habit. And two, three, four years from now it will be an even greater book of memories.

Is journaling something that is part of your bedtime routine? If so, has this daily habit helped you to clear some of your mental clutter at the end of the day?

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