No Label Maker, No Problem!

Labels are a great way to organize your home but what if you don’t have a label maker? No problem! Let’s look at four different kinds of labels you can use that you might already have at home.

I love beautiful labels that have a beautiful font but don’t have a label maker. So let’s talk about ways you can label things around your home while using what you have on hand. Labeling things around your house has a big impact on making your home functional and helps everyone in the family find items and more importantly, put things back in their place when it’s time to clean up.

I want to share four easy label options you can use and I’ll bet that most of you have 3/4 of these items in your home right now.

Painter’s Tape

If you’ve done some painting in your home, I’m going to guess you have some painters tape lying around. Not only is it great for making a nice crisp straight paint line…it’s also great to label bins with. We currently have painters tape labels on our file boxes for household files and yearly taxes. Just grab a sharpie marker and write on your label. Painters tape is awesome because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue and can be easily replaced or changed.

Mailing Labels

Mailing labels are great for envelopes but also great as another way to label things in your home. We currently have them on our bins in our mudroom that hold our clean masks and dirty masks. I also stuck one of these labels on our donation basket so everyone in the family knows where to put items that need to be donated. As well as in our front hall closet where we keep our portable ping pong net and paddles. 

Post-it Notes

Post-it notes are awesome for jotting down reminders or making small to-do lists. They can also be a great way to label bins in your basement. We’ve used post it notes to label a bunch of bins in our storage room. It feels so good knowing exactly what’s in each bin and it makes it so much easier to be able to find items. Chris and I both have an extra clothing bin in the basement with off season clothes. We also store our beach towels and bathing suits downstairs in the winter and a bunch of sporting equipment. It’s so great to be able to easily locate your skates or soccer shin pads in seconds.

Chalkboard Stickers

The next kind of labels are a little fancier and super fun. They’re chalkboard sticker labels. You can get wipe-able white chalkboard markers or even sharpie water based white markers that will work really well on black chalkboard labels. We’ve used these in our kids’ closets to label their clothing bins. For young kids, you can draw pictures and write the words. We also use these in our pantry to label bins that hold items like our baking ingredients, grains and pasta to name a few. In our laundry room cupboards, these labels have helped to organize things like my and Chris’ bin that hold seasonal items like hats, mitts and sunglasses. You can easily label bins for household items and cleaning clothes. You can usually find these labels at any local craft store.

So there you have it, four simple ways you can easily label bins or boxes around your home to keep things nice and organized so everyone in the house can do their part to keep things tidy. 

I’m curious, which of these four items do you have at home right now that you can use to label things for easier organization?

Thanks so much for watching!

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