What are your Words for 2019?

Happy New Year!

I hope your first week of 2019 has got off to a great start! With each new year often comes thoughts of starting fresh or replacing old habits with new healthier ones. Some people like to think of a word or theme to best describe what they want the upcoming year to represent in their lives. I like this practice and find it helpful to think of words that align with my values and goals. Two words that kept coming up for me over and over again were Consistency and Self-Integrity.


Being consistent is something that i’ve struggled with in the past in various areas. However, I have come to recognize that consistency can be very powerful and impactful. 2019 is going to be a year filled with consistency with regards to my health and business.


Self-Integrity is a big word for me because is that in the past, I have too easily broken my word to myself. Can you relate to this? I should be the first person I keep my word to when I decide to do something; not the first person I let my promises slide from. Whether it’s getting a workout in, making time to meditate, writing a blog post or going to bed by 10pm. If we can’t keep our word to ourselves, how good is our word ever going to be to others?

What words Resonate with you?

Perhaps you have your own practice of choosing specific words that will shape your focus for this next year. I’d love to hear what yours are. If you’ve never done this before, think about what words or word you want to focus on this year to make it outstanding. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. Keep a reminder of your word(s) on your phone and plug it in as a calendar reminder at the beginning of each new week or month. Having a visible reminder will help you to keep your focus and keep you putting one foot ahead of the other as you take strides or baby steps towards what you want to accomplish.

Reflecting upon 2018

If you haven’t already, take some time to think back upon the last year and all the ups and downs that came with it. A simple way of doing this is to grab a piece of paper, divide it into 12 sections and write January through December in each section. List all the things that really stood out for you over this last year. Think about different areas of your life – family/relationships, business, health, spirituality or financial to just name a few. Sometimes it’s even helpful to look back at the photos in your phone or your social media feed to jog your memory about what you did over this last year. We can easily get caught up in letting life pass us by so quickly that it’s so important to take stock of how much you’ve grown in the last 12 months. If you’re still in the same spot and not happy with your current situation, may this be a time for you to reflect upon what you can do to change your current circumstances. Just make sure to take some time to look back and appreciate all that this past year has had to offer in terms of lessons for you.

I hope your first official week of 2019 has been a good one. I wish you a wonderful year ahead that is filled with creating more simplicity and space to slow down to appreciate all that each day has to offer.

Have a wonderful week!


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