Does your Wedding Dress belong in Storage?

12 years in storage

It was one year ago this month, that I decided to donate my wedding dress. My husband and I had been going through the bins in our basement storage room and figuring out what we really needed to keep. My dress had been in a plastic Rubbermaid bin for just over 12 years. I remember it feeling like a big decision to give away my dress, but it definitely felt like the right thing to do. If you want to watch the video, click this link and you’ll see me enjoying one last hurrah wearing my wedding dress. 😊

I was reminded of this since I’ve been writing in a 5 year journal and each day its been awesome to be able to read the previous year’s entry. There are a lot of journal entries around all the ways we were simplifying our life throughout the year. Being able to reread these entries has been a great reminder for me of how far we’ve come in simplifying our home and the importance of holding onto things you truly love and letting go of other things you no longer need.

Embrace the process

Over the last year, I have come to learn that simplifying is a process and it’s also a mindset. It’s something you have to work at and be consistent with. Having a family with two young children has also brought its own unique challenges around simplicity. That being said, striving for a simpler lifestyle and uncluttered living space is such a gift that I think our children will be able to look back upon and appreciate. It has definitely been a lifestyle Chris and I have both embraced.

Time makes decisions easier

I have found that for me personally, as more time passes, I’m able to make decisions around keeping or letting go of things a lot easier. Sometimes we need time to think about what’s really important to us. We are constantly growing and changing and what seemed important to keep a year ago, may have no value to you anymore. Re-evaluate what you’re keeping stored away in your closets, or in your storage room if you have one. You might be surprised with what you’re ready to part with.

What things have been sitting on a shelf or in a box unopened like my wedding dress for way too many years? Open things up and see what choice you’re ready to make. Let me know in the comments below what you found boxed up in your home that you had totally forgot about. And if you’re ready, pass it along to a thrift store if it could provide value to someone else’s life.

Keep it Simple!


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